2002,cm50x70,Giulia Felis








“Giulia Felis” – Oil on canvas cm 50×70 – 2002

Portrait of Pope J.Ratzinger  “Portrait of Pope J.Ratzinger” – Oil on canvas cm 60×80 – 2005

2002,cm92x52, Marchesina L.Serra








  “Marchesina Laura Serra” – Oil on canvas cm 92×52 – 2002










  “Alda e Jurek Wozniakiewicz” – Oil on canvas cm 75×70 –  2011








  “Fabrizio de André giovanile” – Oil on canvas cm 50×50 – 2009

2007cm90x75-G_Signorini   “Gianluca Signorini, il capitano del Genoa” – Oil on canvas cm 90×75 – 2007

The world of Art is expression of the first need of human subconscious. Art is generated by emotions, by the need of creating images of life and world that surround us and in which we live. The enchanted world of Art is a good world since, considering the infinite richness and variability of artistic creations, everyone can find in them something to fall in love with. It is a world that has one purpose only - to create and give back the emotions from which it was born.


Elisabeth Cyran